Writing warm up

Today is the first day in a long time I’ve had a decent chunk to time to work on that pesky little work-in-progress novel I’ve been chipping away at for about…five years (maybe).  I should be doing  that, but I’m procrastinating, so I’m working on this post instead.

I actually opened the file long enough to delete the final two thirds of it a couple of weeks back. I’ve wanted to do that for a long, long time.  I was just putting it off because my first draft was complete, but then I realised there’s no point hanging onto a complete draft you don’t like it any more. That, and I like to think I could write it so much better if I start from scratch.

It’s such a big task that I’m actually a bit scared to start it, partly I guess because I don’t actually know where to start.

I’m fairly happy with the opening third (for now) so that’s staying as it is. I still know what I want it to end, I just want the rest of the the stuff in the middle to change.

If any of you have any motivation tips, or just want to keep nudging me to actually try and finish the thing so that I can maybe try and get it out into the world one day, I’d appreciate it.


One thought on “Writing warm up

  1. Hi Nic,
    You think that five years working a novel counts as prevarication? I’m ashamed to say that my own record is shamefully worse than yours, by a factor of about THREE :-(. Example: I’d rather spend “writing time” transferring my Scrivener software on to a new PC and watching loads of YT tutorials on how to use it (videos that I’ve seen a million times before) than to add a single word to the book itself!!!
    I have however discovered Kim Chance’s YT channel recently (yes, more displacement activity) and she’s helped to demystify the process and the hurdles for me and allow some progress at last. If you don’t know her already, you can check her out here:

    Good luck with the writing!


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