What a difference the right chair makes

Something exciting happened to me this week!

My new, made to measure work chair that was recommended on the back of my Access to Work office assessment finally arrived at my office, complete with a beast of a footrest that moves up and down as my feet do.

This might not sound very exciting to you, but it was for me and all of colleagues. We were all hoping it would reduce my pain, and you know what – it has. Way more than I dared to hope it would.

I would say my hip pain levels have improved by 80% across the board, by which I mean not only while I’m actually at work. I’ve been in a lot less pain in the evenings and on my commute too!

My back pain is also much better during work hours, and I haven’t felt like I am going to spasm and spring out of the chair once yet. I know it’s only been four working days, but I am so happy and grateful to my employer for investing in me like this that I could cry.

6 thoughts on “What a difference the right chair makes

  1. That’s excellent news, is it a radically different type of chair or just a regular one that’s been tweaked in the right places?


  2. That is absolutely fantastic news 🙂 As someone who’s dealt with some pretty nasty employers it’s great to hear that there are some out there that do actually want to help their disabled employees. Even better that you’re being valued for your contribution rather than being seen just for your disability. I’m glad to hear that it’s made a great improvement on your pain levels, that’s something all of us with chronic pain hope for and rejoice when a fellow spoonie manages some relief 🙂

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