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13 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi I’ve just found your blog and just wanted to say how good it is, I also have CP (spastic dysplasia) and have just recently started a blog myself about my life and living with CP. Its so nice to find others who share the same opinions and views as me. I’ve just followed you on wordpress and twitter please check out my blog hope you like it and I really can’t wait to read you future posts! x


  2. Hi honey. I hope you’re happy. Do you ever get people who say or think or write things like ‘you have cerebral palsy and you can do x’ as though it’s a surprise or as though you shouldn’t be able to? That happened to me the other day (and it has several times before) and I know that people mean it as a compliment, but it made me really angry and sad and I cried for a long time. Could you ever write about that or write about how you deal with anger when you get mad with regards to something related to your CP? xxx


  3. Hello Nic,

    I am honored and pleased to say you are my first official follower 🙂 I am very new at blogging, so I hope you enjoyed my first post. It’s so exciting that we can connect and share our struggles with CP. I have “mild” spastic diplegia type, which only affects my legs (ps– I hate the word “mild”). I watched your vlog for New Years and I’m so happy you’ve been able to achieve so much in 2014. Happy Birthday, by the way. I’m also a January baby even though I was technically supposed to be born in April. Here’s to birthdays, blogging and not falling down!

    Have a great 2015,


  4. Wow! I recently switched blogging platforms and moved some of my work over here – from what you described in your bio we have very similar types of Cerebral Palsy. I’m studying Mass Media and music!


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