Autumn Blues

I know, I know; blue isn’t a colour traditionally associated with Autumn. I know that for most people it’s all about orange, red and brown crunchy leaves, fully PJs and adding pumpkin spice to absolutely everything, but not to me.

I dislike Autumn and I absolutely hate winter. I dread this time of year in pretty much the same way that I dread dentist appointments. I fret about it for weeks in advance, and always go into it expecting the worst. Unlike most of my trips to the dentist though, Autumn/Winter aren’t over in five minutes.

Thanks to my cerebral palsy, this time of year sucks. My aches and pains increase 10-fold (sometimes literally), my poor circulation makes my feet so cold they hurt, and it gets harder and harder for me to leave the house on my own thanks to the slippery fallen leaves/wind/ice/snow that a lot of the people I know IRL seem to love so much.

I’m always the coldest person in a room, which isn’t helped by having to use my wheelchair more and more. Believe me, you get colder than you might think when you’re just sitting there being whipped by the falling leaves/wind/ice/snow that everyone else seems to love so much.

I’m already starting to feel it and the fn’s only just begun for this year, and I’m already not sure I have the mental and physical energy to deal with it.

I wish I could join in with the excitement, but I can’t.


6 thoughts on “Autumn Blues

  1. I’m wishing you a cosy Autumn and Winter by the fire with warm socks on! Sorry its such a crappy time of year for you xxx


  2. I know the feeling I have the same with summer. Winter for me is actually better LOL

    We can time share šŸ™‚

    Aches and pains are the worst, and can be so tough mentally, when they pull away I’m happy and cheery again. The temperature, environment and circumstances can make such a difference, for me at least.

    Have you thought about moving to a warmer country? I love in a colder area, and plan to move possibly to an even colder area. I love the sun, but too hot just gives me too many issues, unfortunately.

    I know what you mean about getting cold in a wheelchair. Odlo makes some really nice thermal underwear, it can super nice and warm and toasty. Stuff like that can really help, and for example a hot water bottle, and a wool blanket. Maybe build some kind of portable heating unit into the wheelchair?

    Hang in there šŸ™‚


    1. Yes please to time sharing! I’m sorry that summer sucks so much for you.

      I’m in the UK and I’d love to move to a warmer climate. Hopefully one day.

      I have lots of what bags and thick wooly socks and jumpers. A wheelchair heating system sounds amazing!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings! It helps me and my 12 year old with CP so much. She is working on her articulation/verbal skills, and while she can tell me quite a bit now, I long to hear more about how she feels, her aches and pains, etc. Please keep up this great and much needed work you are doing!


    1. Hi James, thank you for your lovely comment. Knowing that people find my blog useful makes it all worth while. I hope your daughter keeps on going from strength to strength. If you ever have any questions I’m happy to try and answer them.


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