Autumn Blues

I know, I know; blue isn’t a colour traditionally associated with Autumn. I know that for most people it’s all about orange, red and brown crunchy leaves, fully PJs and adding pumpkin spice to absolutely everything, but not to me.

I dislike Autumn and I absolutely hate winter. I dread this time of year in pretty much the same way that I dread dentist appointments. I fret about it for weeks in advance, and always go into it expecting the worst. Unlike most of my trips to the dentist though, Autumn/Winter aren’t over in five minutes.

Thanks to my cerebral palsy, this time of year sucks. My aches and pains increase 10-fold (sometimes literally), my poor circulation makes my feet so cold they hurt, and it gets harder and harder for me to leave the house on my own thanks to the slippery fallen leaves/wind/ice/snow that a lot of the people I know IRL seem to love so much.

I’m always the coldest person in a room, which isn’t helped by having to use my wheelchair more and more. Believe me, you get colder than you might think when you’re just sitting there being whipped by the falling leaves/wind/ice/snow that everyone else seems to love so much.

I’m already starting to feel it and the fn’s only just begun for this year, and I’m already not sure I have the mental and physical energy to deal with it.

I wish I could join in with the excitement, but I can’t.


Which one is it again?

The thing about having botox injections to help  with my cerebral palsy related muscle tightness is that my appointments can be made up to six months in advance. Needless to say that I usually have a rough idea of when they’re going to be, but the exact date doesn’t tend to stick in my brain until I decide to double-check when I know I’m getting close.

The other day I found myself thinking that I must be about due to go for another round of injections. My hospital usually text me or ring me a couple of days in advance to double check that I can still make it, so I didn’t think I’d missed it, but made a note that I should probably either try and find the letter, (which I usually stick to the fridge, but hadn’t this time), or make a few phone calls.

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A nice surprise

It’s no secret that I’ve been having quite a few ‘bad CP days’ lately and having trouble sleeping at night because of various aches and pains, but today has provided me with a very nice surprise. Not just because I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while last night.

I’ve come down with a wonderful cold this weekend (don’t you just love them) and usually when I get ill, it brings the muscles aches and tightness caused by my Cerebral Palsy to the fore. I feel it a lot more when I’m not well, and colds seem to have quite an impact for some reason.

That said, today has thus far been one of the most ache-free, pain-free days I’ve had in a few weeks and I feel pretty much like I’m back to my ‘normal  self’ (save for the blocked nose, stuffy head, and sore throat). My muscles feel a bit stiff, but I always feel that every day to some extent. When I went to bed last night I expected everything to be throbbing when I woke up. That  is not the case, which I am very happy about indeed.

I’ve spent the day editing the novel I’m working on while sitting in long sitting to get a good stretch and lounging around in my night splints that I’m also allowed to wear in resting. Oh, and doing the almost-mandatory poorly person things like drink copious amounts of tea and eating ice cream of course.