Thank you so much

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write a thank you post to all of you for your lovely comments and messages of support on my last post, and on the YouTube video I’d made along the same lines about a week before.

I’ll admit that when I wrote my last post I was feeling really quite down and I did it mostly because I wanted to feel like I was doing something productive, even though I actually spent all of that day in my PJs, drifting in and out of sleep and watching anime. I wasn’t even going to post it, but my boyfriend said he thought I should. I’m really glad he encouraged me to do that.

All of your comments helped me feel like I wasn’t alone, and reminded me that I am trying my best to use my time wisely, even if I don’t have a paid job. I’m always terrified that people will think I’m lazy. I hope they don’t!

Since I wrote the post, I’ve started to feel a lot better. I took a break from all of my ongoing projects over the weekend, caught up on sleep and spent time with my friends. I feel so much better for it now and ready to tackle today’s to do list.

You helped me with that, so thank you.

Nic xx

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