Pains I haven’t had for a while

It seems like my more common pains seem to go in cycles. The top of my back will bother me for a while, then that will settle down a bit and the bottom of my back will start hurting. Then my hamstrings, then the top of back. Then the bottom. Then my hamstrings.

You get the idea.

However, the last couple of weeks have been a bit surprising because I’ve been dealing with something that hasn’t bothered me for about three years or so.

I fell asleep on my stomach one day while trying to stretch out my back. Laying on my tummy is great for my back and hamstrings, but not so great for my chest muscles. Now the feel over-stretched.

This is always annoying because, for me, this means and intensive sharp pain that sits in the centre of my chest and shoots into the top of my back too. Sitting comfortably is hard and wearing my bra makes it worse.

Not good if I need to leave the house.

I’ll just have to constantly heat up wheatbags and ride it out.

Hopefully it will go back to normal soon.

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