More time between acupuncture appointments

My most recent acupuncture appointment that I had earlier this week went well, not that I had any reason to think it.

We were planning to leave it another two weeks before my next one, as I managed okay going that amount of time rather than a week, but then my acupuncturist realised she might be taking holiday time, so we decided to leave it three week. Just in case.

In truth, I’m quite glad about this. It’s not that I don’t want to have another session, I do. But acupuncture has worked so well for my hip pain that I’m getting a bit nervous about how I might cope when I get discharged. I feel like this longer gap might give me a better idea of that, I think.

As great as this treatment is proving to be for me, I know I can’t have it forever.

In other news, I’ve finally had a haircut so my fringe isn’t in my eyes anymore! Yay!

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