A nice surprise

It’s no secret that I’ve been having quite a few ‘bad CP days’ lately and having trouble sleeping at night because of various aches and pains, but today has provided me with a very nice surprise. Not just because I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while last night.

I’ve come down with a wonderful cold this weekend (don’t you just love them) and usually when I get ill, it brings the muscles aches and tightness caused by my Cerebral Palsy to the fore. I feel it a lot more when I’m not well, and colds seem to have quite an impact for some reason.

That said, today has thus far been one of the most ache-free, pain-free days I’ve had in a few weeks and I feel pretty much like I’m back to my ‘normal  self’ (save for the blocked nose, stuffy head, and sore throat). My muscles feel a bit stiff, but I always feel that every day to some extent. When I went to bed last night I expected everything to be throbbing when I woke up. That  is not the case, which I am very happy about indeed.

I’ve spent the day editing the novel I’m working on while sitting in long sitting to get a good stretch and lounging around in my night splints that I’m also allowed to wear in resting. Oh, and doing the almost-mandatory poorly person things like drink copious amounts of tea and eating ice cream of course.

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