Which one is it again?

The thing about having botox injections to help  with my cerebral palsy related muscle tightness is that my appointments can be made up to six months in advance. Needless to say that I usually have a rough idea of when they’re going to be, but the exact date doesn’t tend to stick in my brain until I decide to double-check when I know I’m getting close.

The other day I found myself thinking that I must be about due to go for another round of injections. My hospital usually text me or ring me a couple of days in advance to double check that I can still make it, so I didn’t think I’d missed it, but made a note that I should probably either try and find the letter, (which I usually stick to the fridge, but hadn’t this time), or make a few phone calls.

A day or so later a letter landed on my doormat telling me that the appointment had been moved, which was great for me for once because I hadn’t got round to chasing it up yet. I put the letter in our letter rack and forgot to move it to the fridge. I found it in said letter rack a day or two later, just as the second appointment-change letter in a week or so landed on my doormat.

This has sent my brain into utter confusion because I’ve had to learn a date and time, only  to need to forget that and learn a new one and hope that I don’t accidentally turn up to one of the old slots.

The letter is now in my handbag rather than on the fridge, so that I can take it out and look at it on a more regular basis, and also on my way to the hospital. You know, just to make sure I have the right date.

2 thoughts on “Which one is it again?

  1. My mum gets botox injections in her legs! I didn’t know it was a thing until she was referred to the hospital for it, how do you find it, she thinks it works wonders for her


    1. I’m glad it helps her! It works wonders for me too. I’ve been having it on and off since I was about 14 I think. They do different combinations of muscles every time depending on which ones they think need it most. I’m quite looking forward to it because I’ve really tightened up lately

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