Botox, orthotics & Hip Pain: a mini round-up

Okay, okay. I admit it: I knew it had been a while since I updated you guys on how things were going, but it turns out that it’s been almost a month!  I’ve had a fair bit going on so I thought I’d do one of my mini round-up posts to bring you up to speed.

Botox injections

I saw my consultant for my latest round of botox injections. I have these in my legs to try and ease the muscle tightness caused by my cerebral palsy.  The appointment also gave me chance to talk to my consultant about my increasing hip pain. She agreed that we need to do something to try and level off my pelvis, so she sent me back to orthotics to get a raise put on one of my shoes. If that hasn’t made much difference by the next time I see her (in about four months, this time) she’s going to look at referring me back to orthopedics to see if they have any suggestions. I haven’t seen anyone from that department once I’d finished having all my hip surgery just before I went to university, so that would be interesting but scary at the same time.


After seeing my consultant I was sent an appointment to go back to orthotics which I always dread (orthoics I go waaay back). I saw an orthotist I’ve never met before. She seemed nice and measured me up for a new pair of calipers (similar to the ones pictured) to go along with the shoes when I told her I don’t have a spare set. The new shoes will have a raise on one side, and she’s given me a wedge to put inside my current shoe until the new ones arrive.

My callipers

I noticed straight away that it made my hip feel much more comfortable when I’m standing or walking but it hasn’t helped when I’ve been sitting and laying down. Maybe it will in time, but I’m not sure.

My back pain has also been much worse in the last few days. I’ll just need to see if this is a standard phase in my ‘pain cycle‘ or if it will last longer than that as we try and change my posture.

Is my hip pain coming back?

I’m going to guess that you all know what I’m talking about by now when I talk about my mystery hip pain – the one that bothered me on and off for a couple of years for reasons no one could work out, but, somehow, some acupuncture sessions got rid of? Yeah, I know, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it too.

Well, I have news.

I fell over the other day and now it seems to be back.

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More hip ache

It’s been almost two weeks since I had my last acupuncture appointment. It’s been so, so helpful in reducing pain in my hip. I have another appointment booked later this week and I can’t wait.

Up until this point, I’ve been going once a week or so and I haven’t had much bother in between. However, this weekend, it’s started keeping me awake at night again, but at least I know the effects lasted longer than a week I guess.

It hasn’t really been giving me too many problems at during the day, until today. I’m going to try getting a hot shower and putting a wheat bag on it, I think. That doesn’t usually do much to help it though, if I’m being honest.

The bottom of my back is also feeling a bit stiff but laying on my front to stretch it out with a wheat bag on it usually does help that. I’m jut trying to put off doing it for the moment because I’m so tired there’s a good chance I’ll fall asleep if I do!