There’s been a bit of a role reversal going on in my house this past week.

My little sister Sophie injured her knee (she’s fine btw) and had to walk around on crutches with a leg brace for a while.

It’s been a strange time for both us. I’ve had to watch her getting used to finding ways to walk and down the stairs, and I’ve had to get down on the floor on my hands and knees to pass her things because she hasn’t been able to bend her knee.

I also had trouble getting up and down the stairs in our house after having my hip surgery at 16, so this situation has brought back lots of memories for me. I mentioned to Sophie the methods that I used to use to get up and down them in my bottom, but  she found her own way regardless. She did it pretty quickly too. I am a proud big sister.

In some ways, it’s actually been really nice for me to be do all of this for Sophie, like she has been doing for me all her life. Obviously, I’d rather that she hadn’t been in so much pain, but she coped with it really well. I think constantly  asking how it felt for me to do doing to for her probably helped her a bit too. It was like looking on the bright side almost.

I guess it was probably good for the two of us to go through this role-reversal for a while, but hopefully Soph will be back to her normal self soon



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