There’s been a bit of a role reversal going on in my house this past week.

My little sister Sophie injured her knee (she’s fine btw) and had to walk around on crutches with a leg brace for a while.

It’s been a strange time for both us. I’ve had to watch her getting used to finding ways to walk and down the stairs, and I’ve had to get down on the floor on my hands and knees to pass her things because she hasn’t been able to bend her knee.

I also had trouble getting up and down the stairs in our house after having my hip surgery at 16, so this situation has brought back lots of memories for me. I mentioned to Sophie the methods that I used to use to get up and down them in my bottom, but  she found her own way regardless. She did it pretty quickly too. I am a proud big sister.

In some ways, it’s actually been really nice for me to be do all of this for Sophie, like she has been doing for me all her life. Obviously, I’d rather that she hadn’t been in so much pain, but she coped with it really well. I think constantly  asking how it felt for me to do doing to for her probably helped her a bit too. It was like looking on the bright side almost.

I guess it was probably good for the two of us to go through this role-reversal for a while, but hopefully Soph will be back to her normal self soon



Happy Birthday, Sophie!

My sister and I on the swing
My sister and I on the swing

As you may have guessed, today is my little sister Sophie’s birthday. I won’t mention how old she is because she’s nine years younger than me and telling anyone her age always makes ME feel really old. If you read my bio on this blog close enough you’ll be able figure it out anyway…

Today I thought I’d do this little post, and the little video to wish her a happy day. Since she was little she’s been doing things to help me out like tying my shoelaces and getting me drinks when she was younger, but now she’s growing up she does more and more to help me like pushing my wheelchair when I go out in it and folding and unfolding my walking frame Martha. She only ever complains, and when she does, it usually only ever as a joke and she lends me a hand in the end.

I don’t think they’ll ever be a way to thank her for all the things that she does for me and no doubt will do in the future, but I like to spoil her and do loads of fun stuff with her when I can. I know that everyone says this, but my little sister is amazing.

Have a good birthday, Soph! You’ve earned it.


I thought I’d share this video…

Since I started making videos to add in to some of my posts on here I’ve found that I actually really enjoy vlogging and so I’ve been making a few others vlogs too. These are mostly with my sister and I don’t post on here because they aren’t relevant to View From a Walking as a disability blog.

This one that we made on a whim yesterday is one of them, (for the most part anyway), but I’ve decided to post it on here too because it shows my walk-in shower that makes a huge difference to my life and level of independence. However, it’s mostly the two of us gooofing around, but here it is anyway:





Fun Fact Friday [10]

Hello and welcome to Fun Fact Friday, a feature in which I share facts about myself that aren’t linked to my Cerebral Palsy.

This week’s fun fact is that my little sister and my cousin have painted my nails two different shades of sparkly blue. My sister does my nails for me sometimes, and I normally choose the colour for myself, but I let her choose this time.



The sisters are doing it for themselves

Well, my little sister Sophie came to my aid again yesterday. I needed to wonder into town to collect one of my book reservations from the library (Joyland by Stephen King, if you’re wondering) and I’d already agreed to spend some time with Sophie while my mum ran some errands, so I suggested that we turn it into a girly shopping day. I knew she wanted to pick up some accessories for a new party dress she’s just got, plus it would give me the chance to spoil her a bit for all the stuff she does for me.

I was mostly expecting her  to say that she’d much rather have movie day because she loves the chance to choose a DVD from my collection rather than the family one, (just lately we’ve tried to watch the Addams Family Values about four times but we always keep getting interrupted), but she agreed straight away. She said she was in the mood to find something pretty for her new outfit. She even declined the offer to go and see Monsters University at the cinema afterwards, telling me that she wasn’t in a film mood. However, I wouldn’t have blamed her for backing out when I mentioned that we’d have to get the bus together.

Whenever we go out, it’s usually my folks who take care of the folding and unfolding of my walking frame Martha so today would be a first for her. She’s seen some of the challenges I’ve faced on public transport with mum around so I did wonder if she’d change her mind, but she didn’t. I showed her how to collapse Martha and put her back up again and she seemed to manage just fine. I gave her the option of staying home again, but she said she still wanted to go, so she helped me with my shoes and off we went.

I could tell that she was nervous, because she was really quiet as we waited at the stop. To tell you the truth I was equally nervous being the one responsible for the safe keeping of her mobile phone and spending money (courtesy of the Bank of Dad). Luckily when the it arrived there were no other prams/wheelchairs/walking frames so we were okay. She helped me guide Martha on safely, took her own seat and gave me a massive grin,

“Feel better now?” I asked. She nodded.

At the other end a nice gentleman helped me get off again and she took care of Martha. That was the hard part over with. I was so proud of her. If she was worried, it didn’t stop her from taking on the bus challenge with me. I tried my best to make sure she had some fun and even took her for milkshake, a very well deserved milkshake.  Oh, and some hairspray. And some hair clips.