Cerebral Palsy and Life Update May 2016

I know I posted a cerebral palsy update on my YouTube channel about a week ago, but a lot of CP-related stuff has happened since then, so I thought I’d do an update here, with some other stuff from my general life thrown in too.

Let’s start with the CP stuff:

So, I had my Botox appointment earlier this week, I think I had two injections in each leg this time. There’s not much else to say about that really. It was fine. It always is. I just have to make an extra effort to do my physio now.

Some of you might know that my mystery hip pain has been niggling at me over the last couple of weeks because I tripped over, yet again. Well, my family helped me do some of the stretches that I can do for myself and it seems to have gone again. I didn’t need to ask for more acupuncture, which is a good sign, I guess…

Anyway, moving on to general life stuff. Things are getting busy in this department:

  • I’ve got some more freelance social media work, yay!
  • Writing is still happening. Slowly. But it is happening!
  • I have two trips coming up, one with my family, one with Rob. My family and I are going to London to see some of our other family members. Rob and I are going to Scarborough for our anniversary. We won’t be going to the beach though. He hates water and I hate sand so avoiding the beach will probably be our top priority.

Well, that’s everything that’s going on with me, what about you?

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