A change of pain

Over the last couple of days I’m becoming aware that the ‘mystery hip pain’ I’ve had on and off for the last couple of years has hardly bothered me at all. I only notice it now when my hip needs to crack or if it’s about time I stopped sitting in a chair at my desk and went to stretch out of my bed for a bit.

I think this is probably down to the acupuncture I’ve been having lately. I think I’ve had about three appointments so far and the results have already been far better than I could’ve hoped for. I’m not sure how many appointments I’ll be entitled too, but I hope the results carry on when my treatment is over.

That said, I was kept awake by pain last night, and it wasn’t in my hip. My back was the culprit this time. I think I spent a bit too long sitting in my wheelchair yesterday so I’m feeling a bit stiff today as a result. I have yet another cold too, which isn’t helping matters, but this kind of backache usually dies down again after a couple of days.

If anything, (and this is going to sound strange, but I hope someone, somewhere gets where I’m coming from), it’s actually quite nice to not be focusing on my hip for a change, but on somewhere else instead.

Yeah, being achy isn’t nice, but it is kinda nice to know that even if one part of my body is bothering me, it’s not the same one that been giving my jipp for ages. I’m hoping this is a sign that things are getting better for my hip.

Although, I’m not gonna lie, even though I wouldn’t swap my walk-in shower for the world, a hot bath would be lovely for my back right now.

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