My first acupuncture appointment

Hey guys,

I’ve just got home for my first-ever acupuncture appointment, and by now you probably know that I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing:

Now though, I have no idea why I was so nervous. The lady doing the treatment was lovely, and we had a long chat before she even got any needles out about the hip pain that I would be having it for; like what things made it worse and what things seemed to sooth it. We talked about my hobbies and I told her about this blog and the fact that I make videos on YouTube. It all made me feel at ease.

I had no idea how many needles she would use (although needles themselves don’t actually bother me tbh) but in the end I think she only used two. Neither of them hurt.  It did feel a bit odd, especially when she was turning them, but it wasn’t a bad sensation. She left them in for ten minutes, and then, because I was tolerating them well, she decided to leave them in for another ten and then we were done.

I’m going back next week, but I’m not going to be nervous this time.

5 thoughts on “My first acupuncture appointment

  1. Thanks for your blog….as a parent of a Child with CP I love reading about your life and truly what we can expect…your an amazing young woman….keep it up a


  2. How did it feel afterwards? did it help? One of the Doctors I work with recommended I try it for my back pain, and some doctors believe it might even help reduce tightness…. but I don’t like needles!!! and not sure how it would affect my startle reflex!


    1. It makes me jump when they go in and there’s a bit of a warm tingling sensation for a few seconds but it doesn’t feel the same as an injection and I feel fine after.


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