One thing leads to another

Do any of you ever have those days where your balance is really bad or you just generally feel really unsteady on your feet and then it has a knock-on effect of loads of other stuff you try and do?

I dropped a glass the other day, and that in my worry that it would smash everywhere and I wouldn’t be able to clean t up, I dropped another. As it happened, neither of them actually broke. I have no idea how I managed to be so lucky but I’m not going to complain about it!

Then I decided to get something out of the fridge (probably milk for a cup of tea) and because I was still feeling a bit shaking from dropping everything, I got a bit wobbly and though I was going to fall over as I pulled the fridge door open. After that, I decided that it would probably be best to sit down and not move until I’d calmed myself down again.

I think I was okay after that, but once I start to worry about hitting the deck or hurting myself it just seems to happen over and over again.

Some days, if I fall over once, it leaves me feeling pretty nervous and shaken up. The problem is that once I get nervous that makes me and my muscles tense up, which of course makes me more likely to trip up and I end up face-planting the floor more than once.

On other days I don’t actually fall at all and just spend the whole day feeling really unbalanced, and almost tumble over several times but always somehow manage to stop myself. In some ways, I actually think that’s worse because I’m constantly on edge waiting for it to happen.

Does this sound familiar?


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