11 thoughts on “VIDEO: I really don’t like my splints

  1. OMG!! I totally know how you feel about wearing splints too long…. absolute killer!!!
    Oh and you’re not alone with the random back ache after physio… one of CPs little mysteries I think!!! I often get it!!!! heat pads and Baclofen help… so does hiding and having a nap!!!


      1. Same here!!! Do you ever get random twitches or shakes after stretching?? I get it after a good stretch especially with a physio, or my friend who helps me stretch out….

        Do your splints make the bottoms of your feet hurt? I’ve had the footplates on mine padded to make them more comfortable so I can wear them for longer… it really helps!!


    1. I have a feeling it’s probably a money thing. My night splints are padded on the inside though.

      How’re you getting on with your adductor thingy and only wearing one splint?


      1. The padding I have on mine is fairly thick, similar to the padding that is used for the bits at the sides where your ankle is inside the splint….
        Wearing one splint is going ok, I have to wear my night splint a bit more to keep my calf stretched, as that side gets tired where it’s doing more. That’s no bad thing though as I just wear it when long sitting with my gaiters on…..
        The adductor is a bit hit and miss to be honest, but am carrying on with it when I can and thinking of trying a different way to stretch them…..


  2. I can’t sit cross-legged… my legs just won’t go into that position as much as I try!!! I have a peanut physio ball that I sit on like a horse, that gives them a good stretch. I also sit with one leg over the side of my bed, so that side gets stretched, then I swap sides – that way I get an adductor stretch on one side and a hamstring stretch on the other….
    I’m thinking about trying an abduction wedge – a triangle shaped foam wedge that goes between your legs and stops them pulling inwards…. I’m waiting to see a postural support person to talk about various positioning things, and look at seating solutions and maybe a standing frame too.


  3. I find mine really helpful, although on days where I’m really tight it can be hard to get on and off.
    What I like about it is it’s versatile, I can use it for a few different exercises and to get a nice long adductor stretch I can sit on it whilst watching tv or on my laptop.
    I’ve also read a lot about saddle seats being good for cp, so am going to see if I can try one out when I see the postural support person….


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