A ball of anxiety

I often find my anxiety is worse at night. It often kicks in just as I’m about to go to sleep.

Take now for example.  It’s about 12.30am on Sunday morning and I spent most of Saturday wandering around in a fog of tiredness with the worst neck ache I’ve had for a long time . I’ve spent most of the day counting down the minutes to bed time. Sleep should be easy but it won’t be.

The second I crawled under the duvet my brain started buzzing with anxious thoughts about all sorts of things like what I’m going to post on here this week,  the videos I need to edit and the fact I haven’t done any writing for a while.

Then of course I got anxious about the fact that I’m too anxious to sleep.

I think this is why I’m such a night owl because I always have to get back up and start working on my new to do list so that my brain calms down enough to sleep.

Man, I hope I sleep soon. My eyes are exhausted.

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