I can’t get no sleep

It’s almost 2AM and, like the Faithless song says, I can’t get no sleep. It has nothing to do with insomnia in my case though, but has just about everything to do with an achy back and neck that has been bothering for most of the day.

It’s not all bad though. At least the headache that came along with it on and off since I woke up seems to have gone away and I’ve been able to sort out a couple of blog posts and edit a video before I crawled into bed. I know, I know, being on the laptop writing this is hardly going to help matters, but it’s helping me feel less frustrated about the fact I can’t seem to nod off.

Nights like this when when various aches and pains make it hard to get some sleep can feel quite lonely too sometimes, and blogging about it at the time eases that too in a strange way, even though I know that you guys won’t get to read this post until the morning after, by which point I will have managed to get some rest. (I’ll be very upset if I haven’t, anyway.)

I’d get a hot shower of heat up a wheat bag if it wasn’t so late, but i don’t want to wake my family up when they all have work or school tomorrow. I’m sure they’d all understand if I did, but it still doesn’t seem very fair.

I’ll think I’ll go and do some physio now and then try sleep again.


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