9 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Pre -appointment nerves and anxiety

  1. Hi nic, I can totally understand you getting nervous before an appointment, particularly if you’re not sure what it’s going to involve.
    I often get nervous before appointments myself. For ones that are just consultations or check ups, I get anxious about making sure I know what I’m going to say, how I’m going to get my point across, making sure I don’t forget any important information especially about how my symptoms differ day to day and in certain situations. For these I make lots of lists, and even put main points down as ‘bullet points’ so I don’t get too flustered and end up forgetting something.

    If it’s an appointment where I’m going to have treatment (especially botox because I hate needles!!!) I’ll take a close friend with me for support and to cheer me up afterwards if I need it… My best friend is great at these appointments as long as she doesn’t send me into a fit of the giggles!!!!

    Hope it goes ok


    1. Thanks it went well and I had botox in both legs and asked if can take baclofen with my new antidepressants and I can so that’s good. I’m going to try book my frame in for a service too.

      I always try and write a list before I go too. I sometimes take someone with me to bigger appointments too in case I forget anything.


    2. It went well thanks. Have had tje boxtox. Think I had 4 injections in each leg this time and I checked that I’m allowed to take my baclofen with my new antidepressants and I can so that’s good

      I’m booking my frame in for a service too. I write lists too and try and take someone else with me In case I forget anything.


    1. Thanks! I’m a bit nervous about it but I’m sure it will be fine. They gave me it as a liquid which is going to be a bit tricky because I’ll have to pour it onto a spoon, but I guess I could always ask to change to tablets. Which do you have?


      1. I have tablets, which is tricky when changing doses as you change in half tablet quantities, and they are quite small to start with so not the easiest thing to try and get in half or handle!!!
        Have you thought about using a syringe to measure it out rather than a spoon?


      2. Yeah I thought they would have give me one but the haven’t. I hate trying to snap tablets in half. I usually have to bite along the dividing line.


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