The emotional side of bad cerebral palsy days

Those of you who like View From a Walking Frame’s Facebook page or follow me on Twitter (@NicolaG01) might have noticed that I’ve been having a few bad cerebral palsy days lately.

On these days, I feel physically like rubbish because most things ache of hurt, but they also have quite an impact on how I feel emotionally too.

For some reason that I’m still not sure I understand, I often feel really lonely on my bad CP days. During the last one I had, I wrapped myself up in a huge blanket with a couple of wheat bags and found myself wishing that I had some kind of ‘bad CP day buddy’ for days like that. I just thought it would be nice in some way to be able to have someone else who was having a bad cerebral palsy day that you could sit with while you were both feeling like poop and keep each other company while you read books, watched TV, or that you could take turns with walking to the kettle and back, you know?

Does anyone else ever feel like this? What do you like to do to keep yourself busy on days like these?

4 thoughts on “The emotional side of bad cerebral palsy days

  1. (puts hand up!!) I’m sooooo with you on this one….
    There’s nothing better on a bad cp day than to sit and mope with someone!!!
    as long as they bring cake, chocolate and like rubbish tv!!!!!

    On bad cp days I drink loads of tea, eat loads of junk and watch loads of tv that doesn’t take too much thinking about (at the moment I’m really into Judge Rinder!) I do a bit of stretching if I feel like it (quite often I don’t) I mainly work on hands free physio, like long sitting with my gaiters on and laying on my front to stretch out my hips. This actually makes a really big difference, as I can position myself properly and take some of the ‘fight’ out of my muscles.


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