13 thoughts on “VIDEO: A message to people who design disabled toilets from a girl with cerebral palsy

  1. Love your video! Does the UK have standards for design of disabled toilets? Do you think the required measurements and design rules aren’t good enough, or is the problem that nobody bothers to follow them when creating a disabled toilet? Here in the US, there are pretty clear standards that would address many of your concerns, but also a lot of places that just pick a slightly larger stall, thrown in a grab bar or two, slap a wheelchair symbol on it and call it accessible.


    1. I’m pretty sure we have regulations but I don’t know what they are. I have seen a few that are just slightly bigger stalls with grab bars and a sticker on the door.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. So often disabled toilets give priority to baby changing facilities with access considerations only secondary. Those stupidly tiny hand-basins make it impossible to wash your hands without splashing water on the floor and making it slippery for the next user. Cleaning staff always fold the arm up against the wall; as a wheelchair user whose upper body is affected I don’t have the strength to lift it back down again. The hand-driers and toilet flush aren’t always possible to reach without standing either. I’ve even been in toilets where the emergency alarm cord was out of reach or the grab rails were so loose I was scared to use them in case they fell off the wall.


  3. Also; when I’m in my chair, I have SUCH a hard time getting in and out of the bathroom and the stall because you can’t get close enough to the door (power chair, so my feet get in the way) and opening it is twice as hard omfg


      1. I don’t like to leave my chair alone though because I’m afraid someone might take it or do something to it – especially when I have things on / in my chair…it sucks.


  4. I love this post – thank you Nic for vlogging this. We DREAD having to use disabled/accessible toilets for the reasons you listed and more! Thank goodness for our own modified loo! 🙂


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