NEW VLOG: About last week’s activities

Hi guys,

Sorry that today has been a double post day, I don’t really like to do that but I’ve been so busy lately and have so much to tell you in quite a small scale of time that it’s going to be better to do it this way.


Here’s a vlog that I posted on YouTube about the gig I went to last weekend and also my visit to the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I know that I haven’t mentioned my theatre trip on here yet but I’m hoping to do a post on it this week,


Enjoy guys



Justin Furstenfeld gig at Band On The Wall 18/10/14

So this weekend I went to see Blue October’s lead singer Justin Furstenfeld doing a solo tour (The Open Book Tour) at Band On The Wall in Manchester. I’m not going to review the gig or anything, although it was amazing, but I going to talk about my weekend.

I was a little nervous about going because I’d never been to the venue before but as it happened I needn’t have worried.

There was a ramp into the building and the staff were really helpful. They’d reserved seats for my friend and I, just like they said they would, and a member of staff led us to and from our seats at all points of the gig. I’ve kept the piece of paper that said the he seats were reserved for me as a memento too, along with my ticket.

The other members of the crowd were lovely too and no one complained at having to dodge round my walking frame Martha to get by me.I know it sounds silly but I sometimes feel self-conscious at things like this that I might get in other people’s way or whatever, but I didn’t feel like that at all that night.

Justin was amazing and he played quite a few of my favorite songs. It was really good to listen to his story and it was nice to hear everyone singing along.

I would definitely go back to this venue if they had a band or artist I wanted to see. This is more than can be said for some of the places I’ve been to, which shall remain nameless.

Feeling amazed

Over the weekend I came across what I feel has to be the most amazing disabled toilet that I’ve ever seen so I feel that I should tell you all about it.

I’ve known that this said public convenience has been in the shopping centre in question  for a while, but I’d never used it before because it sits next to two others. I’ve always used those instead because this one had the symbol for changing facilities on the door as well, and I don’t need those so I’ve always tried to leave that loo free for people who do.

However this weekend I was out with Rob. We decided to make the most of the nice sunshine and hop on a train for the day. I was in my wheelchair and when the cleaner, who is always really helpful when she spots me mooching around any of the city’s shopping centres, saw him pushing me into others, she asked us to wait while she went and got the key for the other one. She was being nice, and we didn’t want to throw this back in her face, as the saying goes, so we waited.

When we got inside we were both amazed (in a good way) at the quality of facilities inside. The room itself was at least the size of my bedroom at home, if not larger. My bedroom is pretty big, by the way.

There was a hoist too, and a changing table with a moveable folding screen for added privacy, and a large, comfortable-looking chair that could be moved around the room to the place you wanted it.

Oh, and there was also two sinks set at different heights, lots of handrails, two emergency chords that I could count, lots of bins at various heights and loads and loads of toilet roll, which is always nice.

They were lovely and clean too.

This was easily the well-equipped disabled toilet that I’ve personally ever seen. Needless to say I was one impressed lady.