That post-bath feeling

As a lot of you will probably know, my family had to give up our bath so that we could have a wet-room bathroom with a walk-in shower installed so that I could wash independently and easily.

While I have no regrets about that decision because the benefits that these adaptations to our home have given me have been enormous and invaluable to say the least, I still miss being able to have a bath, especially on a bad CP day when just about every muscle in my body seems to ache.

I spent some time at my dad’s house last week; he has a tub and my family don’t mind helping me get in and out of it because I can’t do that by myself. Needless to say I decided to have a soak and realised that I miss my bath more than I thought.

It was so nice to sit in the hot water and I tried my best to massage my own legs at the same time. A lot of the tension in my muscles went away for a while and I could still feel the benefit a few hours later which was something I wasn’t expecting.

On the day I’m writing this (which is a few days before you’ll actually get to read it) I’ve woken up today feeling stiff and struggling to get warm although I’m starting to heat up at last.

In my ideal world one day I’ll have a house of my own and will be able to afford to have a walk-in bath installed. Somehow I can’t see that happening but it would be very, very nice.

2 thoughts on “That post-bath feeling

  1. I am glad to read the benefits of a bath – it makes me happy that we decided to keep a tub when we did our bathroom modification. In my ideal world we would have a longer one so that our daughter can stretch her legs out more as we lose a bit of length with the bath lifter seat that we have put in it to help her get in and out as I cant manage helping her with this on my own. Do you put Epsom salts or anything in the bath when you soak to help your muscles or is being in the warm water enough?


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