Cerebral Palsy in my dreams

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been the kind of person who can recall most of my dreams in quite a lot of detail.

The thing is, my dream ‘relationship’ (or whatever you want to call it), with my CP has always been a strange one.

When I’m in dreamland I’m still always aware that I’m disabled, but I don’t often have my wheelchair or my walking frame with me. I will often find myself being able to run, usually from people who are chasing me.

That said, the other night I had one where I was out food shopping on my Nimbo walking frame Martha and I was alone. I was wandering around the shopping balancing things in a basket that I was holding in one hand. The things that I would usually find far too heavy to pick up in real life were really light and I could pick them up with ease, whereas the things that are usually light enough for me to handle weighed far too much for me.

In other dreams I’ve found myself going to appointments and trying treatments that I’ve never had or knowingly heard of and woken up panicking that I’ve lost new pieces of equipment I’ve never been given.

Do you guys ever have dreams like this?

5 thoughts on “Cerebral Palsy in my dreams

  1. That is really interesting Nic. Looking forward to reading other peoples experience with dreams aslo. As a mother, I can share that I have had a few dreams in which my daughter has been able to walk – although that was not the main theme of the dream if you know what I mean? I haven’t had a chance to read your blog for a while but am looking forward to catching up on what I have missed soon. I love the new pic of you in your onesie by the way – we are looking forward to the weather getting a little cooler over here so we can wear ours 😉


    1. I now what you mean. Th’s really interesting. A friend of mine always used to say that whenever I was in one of her dreams, I was able-bodied.

      Thanks! I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive here!

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  2. Hi nic, I have a strange relationship with cp in my dreams ( the ones I remember anyway) Sometimes it doesn’t feature at all and I can do really physical things (I once dreamt I was a motorbike racer for example) most times it features in some form. I have had dreams that feature surgery I’ve had done and other dreams where my cp seems kind of worse and I seem less able, or I’ve had dreams about getting more complex splints or equipment…..


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