Time to get the wheat bags out

I’m writing this post on Monday evening. I’ve spent most of today trying to keep warm, with varying degrees of success.

I spent most of the morning wearing my dressing gown over my clothes because it was cold. Then things got a little warmer, which I was grateful for because I had to head into town, but then by the time I got back it was so cold that I crawled under my duvet for a book with a while to take try heat up a bit.

It’s almost 8PM now and things aren’t that much better. I decided to try the hot shower approach, but that didn’t help much. My hamstrings still felt really stiff and my thighs were aching so much that felt as though the pain was making itself known right into the core of my bones.

I knew that it was time to call in the help of a wheat bag, but the problem was that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put it under my knees to sooth the stiffness in my hamstrings, or on my lap to help the aching in my thighs.

In the end, I decided to use two wheat bags, and I can slowly feel myself warming up!

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