Pain in my dreams

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t often have cerebral palsy in my dreams.  I’m usually able-bodied. It’s quite handy really,  given that I often dream about being chased by less than Friendly people.

Last night was different though.  My CP was the focal point of my dream.  In it I was feeling all the new and unpleasant pains I’ve been having under my big scars on my hips,  and the pain in the ball of my hip that’s been bothering me on and off for a couple of years now was also quite strong.  Probably because it did actually make it quite hard for me to get to sleep in the first place last night.

In the dream,  I was admitted to hospital and was having lots of x-rays and other tests done and getting very frustrated that no one seemed to be able to work out what was wrong or how to fix the problem.

It all felt so real.  The pain was the same as it always is in real life.  The hospital in my dream looked a lot like the one I go to.

At the time I don’t think I knew it waa a dream but at least I knew it was as soon as I woke up.

Cerebral Palsy in my dreams

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been the kind of person who can recall most of my dreams in quite a lot of detail.

The thing is, my dream ‘relationship’ (or whatever you want to call it), with my CP has always been a strange one.

When I’m in dreamland I’m still always aware that I’m disabled, but I don’t often have my wheelchair or my walking frame with me. I will often find myself being able to run, usually from people who are chasing me.

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Do you dream of appointments?

I do. Quite often actually. Mostly about physio and orthotics, where I have my most common appointments. Last night was one of those nights. I was wandering round and round the hospital looking for the orthotics department but I couldn’t find it, and pictures of various members of staff, (some I knew and some I didn’t), dressed like Tudor royalty lined the walls. It was a strange dream.

Other times I’ve dreamed that I’ve been given new pieces of equipment to try out, and woken up in a panic when I can’t remember where I put it, only to realise moments later that I was never given it in the first place.