7 thoughts on “NEW VLOG: My ideal home

  1. Good for you for actually wanting your house to have stairs. If it were up to me, I’d go with slides for everything (haha!) But I also love the idea of a walk in bath. I’ve seen commercials for them before and they look so comfy. I think most of them have a bench built in, which is also nice. One good thing for me I think would be to have an amazing and comfortable bed with a mattress that had reinforced edges. The way I get in and out of bed has worn down the edge of the bed on my side, so it kind of slopes downward. I constantly feel like I’m going to fall out of bed because of it.


  2. Great Vlog!!!
    I often think about the type of home I’d like, especially as I love property programmes and looking at houses.
    With my cp in mind, I’d like either a bungalow or ground floor flat, not because I struggle a lot with stairs, but I can’t hoover stairs or in fact carry the hoover up stairs – or carry anything big up stairs for that matter!!! (at the moment I use a shopping bag to carry things up stairs – so I still have a hand free for the hand rail)
    I’d like living, dining and kitchen areas to be really close together if not open plan as I like to entertain and it would make life easier when carrying meals/drinks etc.
    The bathroom would ideally have a separate bath and shower, so that when I’m having a ‘bad cp day’ I could just use the walk in shower but still had the option of the bath.
    A small garden would be nice, as I quite like grow my own veg, and I’m a real sun worshipper!!
    I’d also like a space to use as a gym/physio area, but that’s not essential….


      1. Handy aren’t they!!! I use them to carry lots of things around the house, and outside I use my trusty rucksack for everything!!!!


      2. I find it really hard to find a rucksack that fits me because my shoulders are so narrow but I think it would make life a lot easier!


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