My first physio appointment of the year

So I had my first physio appointment of the year last week and it went just like I hoped it would.

Since getting a new splint for my left foot sometime last month I was really pleased when I could tell right away that it was a million miles better than the last one I had.

Although I’m still building up the amount of time I can wear it in one go, I can have it on for a few hours now before I feel the need to take it back again.

I’d been looking forward to seeing my physio so that I could tell her the good news and also make sure that she was happy with it too; and indeed she was.

The hip pain that I’d been struggling with the last few times I’ve seen her also seems to have finally settled down, which is really good news because it had been keeping me awake at night and making it hard to sit comfortably in one position for too long. Yay!

2 thoughts on “My first physio appointment of the year

  1. That’s good news!!!! It takes a while to get used to wearing splints, but it’s great when it starts to feel right….. I’m getting there with my right splint too, so I don’t have to carry a spare pair of boots about in my rucksack!!!!


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