Yesterday’s physio appointment

I went to see my physio yesterday so that we could discuss if my Boxtox injections I had earlier this month had made a difference. Before I went into the appointment, I knew that I was starting to notice some changes myself. I’m already starting to feel less tight and my muscles didn’t feel as tight as they had previously done when I was having physio. I felt slightly nervous going into the appointment because I really hoped that my physio would agree with me and I didn’t want to feel like I’d let anyone down, especially myself.

Well, I’m very pleased to report that she was impressed! She started doing lots of my stretches and told me that she was pleased, so I told her about all the hard work that my family have been putting in to help me get the most out of the injections and she seemed really happy about that too. They’ve been helping out with the ones that I find it very difficult to do by myself, and constantly reminding me to keep going through those that I can do. Believe me when I say this support makes a huge difference and helps me stay motivated.

She gave me some new exercises to try, neither of which I find very easy at the moment, but I’ll just have to keep going with them until it gets easier. Then we did some work where I walk and stand while holding onto a bar on either side of me. She also said that she was impressed with how straight I was standing up too when she got me to focus on doing that. I’m not a medical professional so I don’t know if this is down to the Botox or not, but I was still glad that she was pleased.

Needless to say, I left the appointment feeling very happy indeed.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday’s physio appointment

  1. great to hear it went well! I am currently working hard with physio at the moment cos I let things slip a bit recently (naughty me!) and have been suffering for it!!!


    1. Don’t be too hardon yourself for letting things slip. Sometimes, if I can see changes after I’ve let the physio slip it makes me work harder when I get back to it. Glad things are going well now though.


      1. things are getting there!!! just got to get back into that routine and focus on my goals, it’s just over two weeks until my abseil, so have to put some work in!!!


    1. I’m not a medical professional so I couldn’t tell you for sure. I can only go on personal expirience and say that I’ve had CP both as a kid and an adult and I personally have had good results. I have spastic CP too.


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