Saying goodbye to my current wheelchair

Although I don’t remember exactly when I got my current wheelchair (which sometimes call Louise) I think it was some time while I was in Sixth Form, so between the ages of 16-18.

Although I try hard to use my walking frame Martha as much as possible, my wheelchair has still had rather a lot of use over the years. I use it if I know I’m going to be walking longer distances or out of the house for a long time. It’s also really handy when ill, tired or having one of those things that I personally like to call ‘a bad CP day’.

Lately, I started noticing that it was in need of a service for lots of different reasons. It had been a while since the last one, so I got in touch with Wheelchair Services and asked them to take a look.

They came out and did what they could on the day (tightening things up and so on) and then told me that they’d organise for me to get a new chair, which it has to be said, I’m strangely feeling quite excited about.

Usually when it comes to having to get a new walking frame I always feel quite sad about it. I never really want to stop using the one I have, and there’s usually lots of memories attached to it. The thing is that there are lots of memories attached to my current wheelchair too. I took it to university with me as well as my walking frame, I took it on my recent trip to London and I used it in a play that I did with my university drama society. Yet, I think that part of me is looking forward to the prospect of getting a new chair. I want to see what it will look like and I want to see how easily I will find it to push myself around in. I want to see how small it will fold up.

Looking forward to getting a new wheelchair is a new feeling to me, and one that’s taken me by surprise if I’m honest with you. I won’t be sad to see my old one go, I’m just curious to find out what my next one will be like. That’s okay, right?

I still plan on using my walking frame as much as possible though. I love walking around and knowing that I do it as much as I can, but maybe a change of wheelchair won’t be such a bad thing?


4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to my current wheelchair

  1. I always look forward to getting new things…. I even get a bit excited about getting new splints and stuff!! (bit sad really!!) I like to find out what difference they make, and how I can customize them.


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