About my splints and wheelchair

Well, my holiday is now over and it’s back to normal for me. Yesterday I went back to the orthotics department because my AFO splint that I’m supposed to wear during in the day still isn’t comfortable on my left foot. The one for my right foot is really comfortable and I could easily wear that one all day. Sometimes it takes a while to get these things right.

My day splints
My day splints

My orthotist tried blowing the splint out one last time to see if that would make it less tight. It helped a bit but not enough. He decided that he would recast that splint at an angle that should be more comfortable for my foot to tolerate. I should have it in a couple of weeks or so. In the meantime I just have to try and wear my current left one as much as I can without making myself too sore. I’m still keeping the really comfy right-foot one.

While I was there I also took my night splints back in because the walking grips that I had put on them a few weeks ago were starting to peel off. They’ve been set off to be re-glued and I should have them back soon too.

My night splints
My night splints

This morning I’ve also made an appointment to have my wheelchair booked in for a service. It’s been a while since in had one done and I think there’s a few things that need looking at. I’m not a professional so I don’t know for sure, but I’d rather get them checked out. That should be happening within the next few days so I’ll let you know what happens there too.

2 thoughts on “About my splints and wheelchair

  1. I’m having a similar problem with my right day splint, I don’t think they casted it properly, as it is really loose and not supportive enough, It also flexes when I walk, which is not good…. I have made an appointment to get it looked at, but my local orthotics department doesn’t do things quickly!!


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