My London adventure

Hey guys,

Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here lately, but there’s a reason for it.

I spent most of last week on holiday in London. It was the first time I’ve been there and I’ll admit that I was really nervous about going because of the size of the place and how busy I thought it would be.

Thankfully, I went with some members of my family who go to London quite a lot so they know their way around fairly well. They’ve been trying to get me to go with them for a good couple of years now and I’ve always refused out of fear of the unknown, but I finally decided that it was time to face my fear and go experience the city first-hand.

I have to say that I’m very glad I did. I took my wheelchair with me rather than my walking frame Martha so that I wouldn’t get too tired from walking and so that I’d be able to see more things. I would’ve liked to have taken Martha instead, but I didn’t want to spoil my holiday by overdoing it.

In the end I was really glad that I did go because I had a really lovely time. I got to visit lots of nice places, see lots of nice things and I found that the public transport wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be once you figured out where you were going.

Don’t me wrong, I didn’t like all of it. Lots of places were really busy and crowded so I don’t think I would’ve liked to try and walk through them. Some people were really nice and moved out of the way as best they could, but the amount of people who stepped over my wheelchair footplates to get past me was also quite a few, and this is one thing that really annoys me because I personally find it quite rude.

One of my favourite days was the day I spent the morning that I spent in a park. My little sister spent ages pushing my wheelchair up and down some humps that I think where there for people skateboards and bikes to use; went with me on the swings and helped me down the slide. Other members of my family helped me do other stuff like sit on a zip wire. I took lots of photos of this stuff so I’m going to do a post dedicated to that later on.

The holiday was nice while it lasted and I think I’ll definitely visit London again at some point.

4 thoughts on “My London adventure

  1. I detest rudeness, whatever the action, there really is no need for it! People need to be more mindful! On a better note, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend away and did lots. Looking forward to hearing more!


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