My frustrations about making tea

In case you all haven’t guessed by now; I love drinking tea. There are times that I like to dunk biscuits into too, but that’s a whole other story.

Thankfully, I can use the kettle to make a drink for myself, and with the help of my thermal cup that has a lid, I can carry it round on the ground floor of my house so I can sit down to have it. Before that, I used to have to leave my tea in the kitchen and keep coming back to it but I’d normally forget about it and let it go cold.

Despite having found a way around that problem, there is still something that I find frustrating about tea making’: the fact that I still can’t carry the drink upstairs.

My family are always helpful and will bring my drink up to my bedroom for me when they’re in the house and not too busy. That way I get to have it at my desk while I’m working on a blog post, writing job applications or spending longer than I probably should scrolling down my Facebook timeline.

If I’m home alone I have to go back to my old ways of leaving my cuppa downstairs and coming back to take sips every so often in amongst doing other things. It’s a small thing but it gets frustrating sometimes but I know I can’t dwell on it too much. I know I’m lucky that I can do as much as I can do already.

8 thoughts on “My frustrations about making tea

  1. I have to really concentrate wen carrying my tea upstairs otherwise it goes everywhere!! Have you thought of using one of those thermal mugs that seals almost like a flask, I used to use one in the office until we got a kettle on the floor I work on. The kitchen is downstairs and it was a bit of a health and safety risk me carrying hot drinks around!


    1. I have one with a lid on it but I’m not sure if that’s the kind you mean. Tea tends to go everywhere if I try carrying it in a normal mug. I’m glad you’ve got a kettle on the floor you work on now though.


  2. Okay, here is a solution. Can you set up a tea making station upstairs? Maybe your family can keep the kettle topped up with water for you if you don’t have a tap upstairs, and I’m sure you would be able to carry an empty cup down stairs…. You could set it up like you were in a cute little motel, with a whole bunch of different tea bags, and those individual serves of milk so you don’t have to worry about having them chilled…. what do you think?


      1. Lol. I’m full of good ideas! Take a photo when u set up your tea station to show us all. Lol


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