In need of a rest

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m not much of a sleeper and never really have been, not even as a baby. I’m the kind of person who is usually at their most productive first thing in the morning. I like to get up early so that I can start crossing things off my to-do list as soon as possible.

However, just lately I think my body has been asking me to slow down and rest up a little. I’m far more sleepy than normal, and I’ve noticed it having an impact. Over the last couple of weeks walking has been taking me a lot more effort than normal. I think that I’ve been moving slower too and needing to take far more rest breaks than I would usually. I know that I am lucky to be able to do all of the things that I can do, but sometimes it’s hard not to get frustrated at myself when I can tell I’m not doing as well as normal.

I’m still trying to make sure that I keep up with walking and just take as many breaks as I need to. I’m hoping that if I try and not push myself too hard over the next week or so and get plenty of sleep it should pass and then things can get back to normal.  It’s times like these that the seat on the back of my walking frame comes in very handy.

2 thoughts on “In need of a rest

  1. I sleep loads, but my body still screams at me to slow down and take it easy!! I have been really busy recently, and as a result my body has burnt out and I’ve now got a cold… my body’s way of making me stop for a couple of days, so I am going to chill out, watch loads of rubbish tv, eat chocolate and drink loads of tea 🙂


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