Using the mircowave

When it comes to cooking and making food I am a big microwave user. I’ve talked many times before along with how I struggle to use the hob, and take things in and out of the oven. I try and use the microwave as much as I can because it’s so much easier and I worry less about falling over or dropping or burning myself than I do when I’m trying to  use the oven or a pan. I even cook pasta in it.

However, while I can use one without too much difficulty, cleaning one isn’t so easy. I can do this for myself, and I can take the plate out, wash it and put it back in okay, but cleaning the back of ours that we have at home is something I find a bit tricky.

There have been a couple of times that the door has almost hit me in the face while I’ve reaching in to clean the back of it. Trying to hold on to the counter so I feel more balanced and making sure the door doesn’t spring back on me with one hand while trying to wipe the inside of the microwave with the other isn’t always easy. Sometimes I struggle to reach all the way to the back too so the whole process can take a while, but I usually get there eventually and I just have to hope that my food is still warm by the time I’m done.

If there’s someone else around, they’ll often lend a hand to sort it all out, for which I’m always grateful, but I still always like to try and do as much as I can for myself.

6 thoughts on “Using the mircowave

  1. Microwaves are just not designed for easy cleaning!!!! When you use the microwave, do you use a splatter guard? Also, Tupperware make a FABULOUS microwave jug that the handle doesn’t get hot on, so you can simply lift it out of the microwave without even a teatowel. It has a lid that you can vent near the spout if you need to and it’s great for cooking everything from porridge to two minutes noodles to soup to veggies in. If you use the tuppeware and the splatter guard, that should eliminate the need for cleaning the inside! Unless, of course, you have a husband like mine who can make a mess no matter what I do…. lol


    1. I swear by plastic jug when I’m microwaving stuff, I think I might have to buy one with a lid on it too. I’ve never heard of splatter guards before but I’ve going to look them up now. Thanks for the tips! Also, I think I sound a lot like your husband. If it’s possible for a mess to be made, I always seem to manage it lol


      1. Haha. Yeah, the splatter guards are simply a plastic cloche shaped thing that goes over any plate you put in the microwave. They are ususally about $3 from Kmart or Woolworths (or Tesco? lol). Use google images when googling and ensure to put “microwave splatter guard” and you will get EXACTLY the right images! Then you will know what to look for.


  2. I HATE having to clean the microwave! and if its any consolation I don’t think they are easy for anyone to clean so it sounds like you are doing well! Splatter guards are really good….and if you wipe it over straight away it helps too. I also find vinegar good for loosening splatters if they are a bit stuck but wiping around that pokey little space – definitely not easy – ugh!!!


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