Getting into a routine

I feel that I need to start today’s post with a confession.

I haven’t been keeping on top of my physio as much as I should.

Yeah, I will admit, I haven’t been keeping on top of physio and stretches as much as I should be doing. I feel quite guilty about this. I know that I need to get into some kind of routine with them.

The stretches that I have don’t actually take me all that long to do so hopefully I won’t find it too hard to get into the swing of things. Although I worry that might be easier said than done.

I really don’t like admitting that I’ve let things slip a bit on the physio front, so let’s hope that I can get myself back on the right track so that I can write a more positive post about that.

6 thoughts on “Getting into a routine

  1. It is a nightmare trying to get into some sort of routine isn’t it??!! I’m really trying at the moment because after my last set of physio sessions I am seeing great results and desperately trying to keep up with the stretches…. I get up half an hour earlier on the days that I’m in the office to get a good stretch in, then make time in the evenings while watching tv or listening to music. I’ve even adapted some of the stretches so I can do them whilst doing other things, such as long sitting while reading or on my laptop.


    1. I find it really hard sometimes so I’m hoping the fact that I wrote this post will motivate me. I try and do long sitting while I’m reading or on the laptop too but I often forget and automatically sit on a chair. I’m glad that you’re seeing good results, hope they continue for you 🙂


      1. thanks, you’ll find a way that works best for you… I think my main motivation was that the physio I saw was really good, and really straight talking which is what I need!! she gave me a lecture about self managing… it was like being put on the naughty step! but I also think it helped as she’s a similar age to me, and we built up a good rapport, working together to make the stretches work for me and not me working for the stretches… she was really impressed that I came up with ideas that she hadn’t even thought of, by talking to other people that have cp, or friends who’s siblings or children have it. I also adapted stretches that I used to do when I was younger…


      2. It sounds like it’s all helping you which is good, and it’s good that you’re making the stretches work for you. It sounds like you’ve had some pretty good ideas for adapting them/fitting them into your daily routine. There are some stretches that I like doing more than others. The other day I decided to do one of my streches that I quite like to do and noticed that I felt tighter than the last time I did it so I’m hoping that will be the motivating factor that I need.


  2. Noticing a difference after stretching is a really good motivator, particularly now I can feel the difference if I haven’t stretched!! setting yourself goals is good too…… mine at the moment are: To be able to stand straighter generally and maintain it to keep my back pain at bay, to be able to stand steadily with my legs apart so I can get a harness put on for my charity abseil in a few months, and to loosen up my hips enough to be able to start horse riding again.


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