The guilt of needing help

A little while ago, Norah, who also writes a blog, asked me if I would write a post about how it makes me feel when I know I have to accept help that I don’t want.

She asked me to do this a little while ago and one of the reasons that it’s taken me so long to get around to this (sorry, Norah), is that I had a really long think about the things I wanted to say.

For me, it’s not really a case of ‘not wanting’ help, and more a case of having occasions in life where I feel like I ‘shouldn’t need help and should be able to do these things for myself.’

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Another small victory

There’s been another small, small victory in Nicland this week. It’s nothing that will have a huge impact on my life, but one that made me smile and gave me a boost when I needed it.

I’ve blogged before about the difficulties I sometimes have with getting dressed into certain clothes. Buttons can be a bit of an issue sometimes. I can do them for myself, but sometimes it can take me several minutes to button up a shirt. But the items of clothing that tend to cause me the biggest problems are dresses and skirts. Ones that I can just pull over my head or step into tend to be fine, but ones that have a zip up the side are a bit of a pain for me. The zip is usually always on the left side, which is my weaker side. I have trouble getting my left hand and arm to do the things I want to do sometimes, especially if it’s something ‘fiddly’, like doing a zip or button for instance. This usually means that I can’t do these zips for myself, and need help putting on that particular outfit.

Needless to say, I try and avoid buying that type of clothing, but sometimes the dress just looks so perfect for whatever I want to wear it for (I usually only buy dresses with fiddly zips if I have a special occasion in mind that I want it for) and I’ll buy it anyway because I know my mum or my boyfriend will be around to help out.

However yesterday, I was feeling in the kind of mood where I felt like pushing myself to try and achieve something that I usually find hard. It looked really nice and sunny outside so I thought I’d try and put on one of the few dresses I own that I normally need help with. The dress I chose was the one that I’d bought to wear to my boyfriend’s graduation a few years ago. The only other time I’ve really warn it since have been for birthday meals out, and in my opinion it’s far too nice to just sit idly in my wardrobe.

Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage it I actually did! I was really pleased because I could just step into it without even having to undo the zip. Yay!

It was a very small victory but it still meant a lot to me.

Getting into a routine

I feel that I need to start today’s post with a confession.

I haven’t been keeping on top of my physio as much as I should.

Yeah, I will admit, I haven’t been keeping on top of physio and stretches as much as I should be doing. I feel quite guilty about this. I know that I need to get into some kind of routine with them.

The stretches that I have don’t actually take me all that long to do so hopefully I won’t find it too hard to get into the swing of things. Although I worry that might be easier said than done.

I really don’t like admitting that I’ve let things slip a bit on the physio front, so let’s hope that I can get myself back on the right track so that I can write a more positive post about that.