Oh, snow!

Every winter, I dread the arrival of the stuff they call snow. Some years we don’t get any and sometimes we do.

I find it really hard to walk around outside when it hits. During these times I often don’t leave the house without someone with me for the fear that I will fall or get myself stuck somewhere.When I do go out, I take someone with me, and I use my wheelchair instead of my walking frame.

Earlier I noticed that things suddenly got very dark outside. At first I think it was raining really hard and then I noticed there was white stuff falling from the sky. At first I thought that it might have been hailstones because they were drumming quite hard against the window, it still might have been to start with, I’m not too sure. I wandered over to the window to take a look and noticed that the stuff falling from the sky seemed to look softer than before. I stood watching it come down for a few moments and the roofs of nearby houses started to get dusted in a fine white powder, as did the road and pavement.

It was snow.

Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped again. I think It’s all gone from the pavement and the road now, but there’s still a little bit on the houses.

I’m hoping that that will be the end of our snow for this year, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we got some more.

10 thoughts on “Oh, snow!

  1. I love looking out at snow but must also admit my dislike for getting about in it. The slipping, sliding and bundling up… not as pleasant as watching it from a warm window pane!


  2. I hope it doesn’t snow here this year… I HATE it!!! luckily being on the south coast we don’t often get much, but even the little bit we do get turns me into an over grown grumpy toddler!!


      1. on the bright side though, it is a good excuse to stay in and do nothing but drink tea, eat chocolate and chill, and I get plenty of peace and quiet because everyone knows I’ll be in a bad mood!!! every cloud 🙂


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