Well, I’ve been buying more socks

Believe it or not, I’ve actually managed to expand my huge sock collection that I’ve blogged about so often. I have ones of all different kinds for when my feet get cold, for sleeping in, and for when I’m wearing splints. Turns out I didn’t have as many of type number three as I thought, though…

Now that I’m starting to wear splints again, I found that I didn’t have any long socks that come up to, or over my knees. I didn’t realise this until I actually went looking for them in my sock drawer and my excess sock bag and found that I only had two pairs left! I was quite surprised by this because when I used to have splints before, a lot of the socks I owned were long because I wore my splints of often. I don’t really like the feeling of the splint against my bare skin, and I sometimes find that it gets on my nerves if I’ve been walking round in them all day. Having longer socks that came up my lower leg to around my knee made them more comfortable for me, and if the socks came over my knees I would just roll that part back down over the top of the splint, if that makes sense. I find that tights are good too.


Over time I guess the ones I used to have all got worn out and had to be thrown away, so I decided that I should probably buy some more.

Although now my sock collection is taking up a drawer, a bag, and has now started to progress into taking up room in a storage box too! Not that that will ever stop me buying any more. I like them all too much for that! And, I’ll still need all my shorter ones for days when I’m not wearing splints and my thicker ones for when it gets cold, right?

At least I should be able to wear these new ones as matching pairs for a while at least. That said, I did buy them in a couple of different styles and patterns so they will probably end up being worn as odd at some point…

6 thoughts on “Well, I’ve been buying more socks

  1. you can never have too many socks!!!
    I have to have long socks too, to stop the calf strap digging into the front of my leg – Hate it!! Long socks aren’t easy to find for guys though, I buy special afo socks.


    1. Yeah I’e had that a couple of times over the years. I didn’t know that you could get special afo socks until you mentioned them in another comment, but I’m quite lucky because I don’t have any trouble finding long ones. Glad you agree you can never have too many socks though 🙂


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