Happy Birthday, Sophie!

My sister and I on the swing
My sister and I on the swing

As you may have guessed, today is my little sister Sophie’s birthday. I won’t mention how old she is because she’s nine years younger than me and telling anyone her age always makes ME feel really old. If you read my bio on this blog close enough you’ll be able figure it out anyway…

Today I thought I’d do this little post, and the little video to wish her a happy day. Since she was little she’s been doing things to help me out like tying my shoelaces and getting me drinks when she was younger, but now she’s growing up she does more and more to help me like pushing my wheelchair when I go out in it and folding and unfolding my walking frame Martha. She only ever complains, and when she does, it usually only ever as a joke and she lends me a hand in the end.

I don’t think they’ll ever be a way to thank her for all the things that she does for me and no doubt will do in the future, but I like to spoil her and do loads of fun stuff with her when I can. I know that everyone says this, but my little sister is amazing.

Have a good birthday, Soph! You’ve earned it.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sophie!

  1. Happy Birday Sophie!! What a lovely tribute to your sister!! Wishing you both a great day full of cake and fun 🙂


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