Do you dream of appointments?

I do. Quite often actually. Mostly about physio and orthotics, where I have my most common appointments. Last night was one of those nights. I was wandering round and round the hospital looking for the orthotics department but I couldn’t find it, and pictures of various members of staff, (some I knew and some I didn’t), dressed like Tudor royalty lined the walls. It was a strange dream.

Other times I’ve dreamed that I’ve been given new pieces of equipment to try out, and woken up in a panic when I can’t remember where I put it, only to realise moments later that I was never given it in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Do you dream of appointments?

  1. I do…. I thought it was just me and that I must be weird!!!!
    Mine usually occur when I’m having a bad cp night…. My most common ones are to do with physio and orthotics too, often about getting new splints. The physio ones are a bit odd, one was that I was recovering from an operation and learning to walk again (I’ve had to do this three times as it is!) and I’m walking between the bars when the floor opens up and loads of obstacles appear…. really odd things like crocodiles!!!!


    1. That physio one sounds terrifying, especially if you don’t know you’re dream at first! Have you had a lot of operations then? Thankfully I’ve only had the two that I’ve blogged about and they were so close together I’ve only ever had to learn to walk again once.

      I often dream of new splints and then wake up thinking I’ve lost them until I realise it’s just a dream


      1. I have had quite a few…. one major one at 13 where they basically lengthened loads of muscles at the same time, transferred a couple of muscles and slowed down the growth rate in one leg to even them out. I had to completely learn to walk again after that. Then a couple of years after that the took the plates and pins out that they put in and did loads of botox because I’d had a massive growth spurt. I had to learn to use my legs again after that…. Then 18 months or so after that I had a motorcycle accident and broke my bad leg in three places and undid a lot of the hard work…. And…. you guessed it….. had to re-learn how to use my legs again!!! This time was hardest as I broke my good wrist and was in a cast so it was hard to use crutches and I had to get my left arm to do stuff that it wasn’t used to doing…..

        That dream was just plain weird!!!! I often have dreams about orthotics the night before or after an appointment…. I had a dream a few months ago (the night before I was being cast for a new splint) that they cast it, then put me in full length plaster casts until my new splint was ready!!!
        I also had another weird physio dream at the time a was having a lot of back pain, that they made me wear a massive back brace…..


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