This could’ve ended badly!

Even though I use a walking frame or wheelchair, some of you probably know that I walk around my  house unaided, and hold onto walls and cupboards and various other household objects as I need to.

(Believe me, I will grab hold of just about anything close to me to avoid falling over if I need to. I cringe when I think back to how many times I latched on to poor, unsuspecting strangers when I used to walk around the supermarket without help as a kid.)

I  wouldn’t say I could find my way around my house with my eyes closed (I tried it once, panicked and fell over – shocker) but I feel safe wandering around it.

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I keep on moving with the lights off

I really, really do not like walking around my house without any lights on. I don’t even like walking across my bedroom without a lamp or something on if I can help it and I’ve done that thousands of times.

I just get so scared that I’ll trip or fall on something, and often when I panic all my muscles go stiff. This inn turn has a tendency of making me drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Not fun.

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Needing help in the night

There are times when I need help during the night. Thankfully, not too often though. That said, when I do, it always makes me feel a bit of a failure as a adult, because I feel like, at the age of 24, I should be able to sort myself out if I’m ill or have fallen over.

There’ve been a few times in the last couple of months when I’ve had to wake my mum or my boyfriend up. Like last week for example…

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Multitasking with cerebral palsy

I like to think I’m quite good at multitasking. I mean, I can talking on the phone, send an e-mail, and drink a cup of tea I the same time.

What can I say, I’ve got me some mad skills…

All silliness aside though, I can do lots of things at once. I’m currently working on multiple writing projects, and I’ve even been known to play more than one video at once, (one on a handheld device and one on a console plugged into the TV). Yes, I can do lots of things at the same time, as long as I’m sitting down to do them.

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Feeling unsteady

Thankfully today’s post is not about falling over. I think you’ll all agree with me that that’s a relief given that I’ve managed to hit the deck twice in the past fortnight.

That said, I have been feeling a bit more wobbly on my feet than usual over the last few days, and a lot more aware of how I’m moving around, even when I use my walking frame Martha. To be honest, I think this is mostly down to nerves that I’m going to land on the floor again.

There were several occasions during the weekend where I felt like I was going to topple over, but managed to catch myself in time.

Sometimes, when I have a fall, it makes me feel unsteady for a couple of days afterwards and I find myself being extra cautious for a few days until that passes. It knocks my confidence for a bit. How long this lasts depends on what I was doing that made me lose my balance and how much I hurt myself. Sometimes it doesn’t dent my confidence at all and I just get on with things, but if it I hurt myself quite a bit, or have a few close together  as I have done, it makes me feel a bit unsteady for a while.

I’ve certainly felt this way over the past couple of days, but I’m hoping it will pass soon.