Multitasking with cerebral palsy

I like to think I’m quite good at multitasking. I mean, I can talking on the phone, send an e-mail, and drink a cup of tea I the same time.

What can I say, I’ve got me some mad skills…

All silliness aside though, I can do lots of things at once. I’m currently working on multiple writing projects, and I’ve even been known to play more than one video at once, (one on a handheld device and one on a console plugged into the TV). Yes, I can do lots of things at the same time, as long as I’m sitting down to do them.

When it comes to standing up, that’s a whole new ball game, because often the act of simply standing up to do anything is multitasking for me. I often have to use the seat on my walking frame Martha when I want to get anything of my handbag because I have to hold on to her, and look for what I want. Sometimes if I feel steady enough I can let go and use two hands, but then trying not to fall over saps so much of my concentration that looking in my bottomless-pit of a bag becomes really hard.

I can walk and eat a biscuit at the same time if I’m at home and don’t need my walker for support, but you’d never see me mooching around town eating a Greggs sausage roll, I’d need to sit down to do that really in order to feel comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Multitasking with cerebral palsy

  1. Thanks for the insight, Nicola. I teach elem. aged students with CP and it’s interesting to read about your challenges at age 24, when you are better able to articulate your thoughts.


    1. I actually find it more difficult to multi task when it comes to switching between task efficiently and calmly. I find how tasks are prioritized in response to the world around you is what really defines how well you multi-task. I’m really wondering if my CP inhibits my brains ability to multi-task because I’ve never seen a neurologists. Just the other day I was handling a group of students (who were being loud and rowdy) while helping a parent who was watching this go THe anxiety showed on my face and I’m sure she questioned my abilities. I was trying to help her but the kids volume was getting increasingly louder. My brain couldn’t switch between tasks at that moment.. It’s been making feel very inadequate.


      1. You are most definitely not inadequate. I don’t know if CP inhibits someone’s ability to multitask and things like that. I’ve never seen a neurologist either, bit it would be really interesting to find out I think.


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