Needing help in the night

There are times when I need help during the night. Thankfully, not too often though. That said, when I do, it always makes me feel a bit of a failure as a adult, because I feel like, at the age of 24, I should be able to sort myself out if I’m ill or have fallen over.

There’ve been a few times in the last couple of months when I’ve had to wake my mum or my boyfriend up. Like last week for example…

The night before I was due to attend the Cerebral Palsy Football World Championships, I had a fall. Things got a bit messy.I was on my way back to my room from the bathroom when I totally lost my balance. I had the choice of allowing myself to fall straight forward into the rack on DVDs and CDs that me keep in the hallway. It’s also home to one of our phones and some ornaments. Or, I could twist to the left mid-fall and try land in my bedroom doorway.

As I thought I’d left the door open, I though that having a clear path to land up would be the best idea.

I’m not sure it was.

You see, it turned out that I’d only left the door slightly open, and so, not only did I fall into it, but my nose took the full-force of the impact.

Yup, I know what you’re thinking. Ouch. Only I wasn’t quite so polite about it as I lay there on the floor feeling more than I little bit shocked, and trying to work out if I’d actually broken it. By the time I felt ready to stand it, it was starting to feel wet.

Please just be a mini-snot explosion, I thought, but somehow, I didn’t think that was likely. I didn’t have my glasses on (good job too, I think) and it was dark so I couldn’t see anything. I pulled myself up on the wall (not realising until afterwards that I had blood on my fingers from touched my nose, which I had now got on the wall too).

When I made it back to the bathroom I turned on the light and realised I’d cut myself. I find these things very hard to clean and sort out for myself so I had to call my mum and step dad for help.

Thankfully it was just a tiny cut and took less than five minutes to sort out, but I was a bit freaked out for a few minutes thinking about how much worse it might have been. Thankfully, I didn’t even bruise, but it did hurt like hell for about four days.

And my mum, bless her, even thought it happened at about 1am, she still offered to make me a cup of tea for the shock.

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