I’m taking a break from Fun Fact Friday to bring you what I hope you’ll agree is some good news…

I finally had a good CP day yesterday! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been able to say that. Oh god, it’s such a relief.

So, yesterday was relatively pain-free once I managed to use a wheat bag to get rid of the neck ache I woke up with at about eight o’clock in the morning.

Well Nic, I hear you ask, what did you do with your day? Did you take advantage of it?

Why yes, I did. I slept. I slept so hard to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on. And I’m not sorry. Not even one little bit

I rolled over and then when I looked at the clock again it was after 11. Then I got up, did some writing, had a nap, then met a friend in the evening and then came home and went back to bed.

Overall, I’d say I spent more time asleep yesterday than awake, and it felt amazing. I feel so much better. When I have three or four bad CP nights in a row I do start to wonder if I’ll ever get a good night’s sleep again, if I’m honest.

But I did.

What can I say? #sorrynotsorry


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