Too tired to sleep?

Is it possible to be too tired to actually sleep? It felt that way last night.

I’m not entirely sure how much sleep I got in the end, but I know I was still awake at midnight, got up several times in the night, and have been working on writing projects since about 6am. (it’s currently 7am as I type this).

University-student Nic was fine with this amount of shut-eye, but 2015 Nic who graduated three years ago is not. 2015 Nic catches Zs wherever possible and has even been known to wake up from 12 hours of sleep and have to fight the urge to not slip back to Dreamland.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t had a bad night’s sleep on Saturday and spent all of yesterday counting down the minutes till bed time.

Nontheless as soon as my head met my pillow my brain fired into action and I was still up for hours.

I don’t actually need to be awake right now. I have time to grab a couple more hours rest. I’m tired and I’ve been awake for ages. It should be easy but I’m so tired that I’m getting mad at myself for not being able to sleep.

I’m too tired for this…

9 thoughts on “Too tired to sleep?

  1. Hey nic,

    I am the same, Teesside student Donna can deal with a night in the SU and then uni at 10am next day. Portsmouth student Donna is having a very different time as a distance learner and like you I often find myself counting down till I can go to bed as I’m really tired but I get to bed and BOOM my brain wakes up whilst my body screams sleep!!!! It is natural to process in our sleep but I need to get to sleep before I process hahaha and it sounds like u do to.

    I hope u relax soon and can sleep for a bit longer. Big old hugs from a distance student who is becoming an insomniac who goes to bed at 10pm and falls asleep at 4am xx

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