Things younger me would be amazed at

Just lately I’ve been aware that this blog hasn’t been as positive as I like it to be. The fact that I feel like this has been causing me a lot of anxiety and keeping me awake at night. Yeah, I know this is silly cause you guys probably don’t mind, but, hey ho.

To combat this,  I feel like I should take a couple of minutes to think about all the good things I’m achieving right now. Younger me would be amazed by most of them.

I have a youtube channel

When I was younger, I hated the thought of having my photo taken and even hated my mum filming family home videos. The fact that I now voluntarily post videos on the Internet and love doing it would have seemed impossible even 5 years ago.

I actually finish the first draft of a lot of my writing projects

High school me started things but never finished them. Now, I finish lots of things at least to the first draft stage. Sure,  I have lots of finished first drafts that still need editing but…

I’ve actually entered a few writing competitions

The fact I’ve finished anything that I thought was good enough to enter into a competition seemed impossible even this time last year.

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