6 thoughts on “I’m going to class this as a win!

  1. AWESOME! i know its sometimes annoying to hear because we DO have limits we need to recognize, but never say never! i remember when i said i would never be able to cut an onion again, and i CAN! i do it differently, and some days it is not as easily done as others, but i did it! congrats! such a smile to watch this video:)


  2. Loved this video! Sometimes it’s the little stuff that’s hard or that we can’t do that can be so frustrating but when we’re able to do them like you just did here, it’s such a great feeling! Another one I can totally relate to and you know what else? Spray bottles! I have to use both hands usually just to be able to get anything out which can really be tricky sometimes. My hands will slip a lot and I’ll end up jamming my nail into the bottle or dropping it.


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